Turnkey Satellite Channel

Save your time and money with Satellite Turnkey Solution.

Turnkey Satellite Channel

Always stay updated with Satellite Turnkey Solution. With the latest technology you will enjoy in web based playout automation. Marsis server-client Playout powered by Avmeda company integrated Playout, CG, Scheduler, Social Data Provider, Utility and with a strong core is the easiest way for the users to manage their channels, arrange their playlists, design their graphics and many other functions in their local PC internet browser and internet line. The powerful encoding system is able to stream UDP and RTMP protocol constant and variable bitrate up to full HD quality. Save your time and money with Satellite Turnkey Solution.

Web-Based Playout
CG - Scheduler
Easy Trimmer
Dedicated IP
Live Source Support
SSD Storage
UDP Encoder
RTMP Pro Streammer

Web-based Full Control


Design With Image and Video


PNG and TARGA Sequence Support

Static and Dynamic Text

Objects Integration

Connect Text to the RSS or External Source

In/Out Effect

Insert Crawl, Ticker, Shape, Clock, Counter and etc.

Loop, Delay, Duration, Alpha, Color and Many Functions


Save Playlists as Regular or Daily

Use Playlists Automatically or Manually

Easy Trimmer Panel

Save Playlists for Unlimited Dates


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